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Mike’s Mobile Marine, Utah's best boat service mechanic, offers low rates on basic services for all types of watercraft, and can service your boat just about anywhere in the Salt Lake Area or along the Wasatch Front - saving you a trip to the shop!

Below is a list of some of these services:

  • Oil Change: replace engine oil, fuel and oil filters, and safely discard oil for client. 
  • Engine Tune –Up: replace spark plugs, distributor cap, fuel filter and wires (if needed), check diagnostic codes and reset engine timing with computer software.
  • Summerization Service: re-install all engine hoses, plugs and hook up battery cables. Test-run engine and check all systems.
  • Winterization Service: run engine to temperature, stabilize fuel, fog engine and drain fluids, empty ballast system; and disconnect any features including heaters, showers, culinary water systems, and generators (Will also add antifreeze to engine per customer request).